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Our Summer in Montauk

We started Lost & Found By J Friedman because we believe life is short and we wanted to create a brand that blurs the line between real life and time off.  It is how we strive to live our lives and it's a mindset that runs deep and influences every aspect of the line.   Montauk, where we have called home base this summer, is known as "the end of the world" to many US East Coasters and epitomizes the vibe and lifestyle Lost & Found represents.  From its quaint little town, to local watering holes and surfer beaches, it is a quintessential beach town.  Because of this, we  agreed there was no better place to launch our collection. We believe it is important to live...

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It was important to Jess and me that every piece we create be named after a special place we traveled to that embodies the ethos of the brand.   One of my favorite stories is the one behind our Tulum Poncho.  It was December 29th, 2015 and I had traveled to Tulum with a girlfriend for a week of relaxation and re-invigoration.  A little bit of bike riding, paddle boarding, yoga and of course beach bumming.  My friend and I made our way to the beach early one afternoon and set up camp on the sand.  It was not a remote beach by any means but also not over crowded with tons of people.  We had been laying there for a...

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Our Road to Lost & Found

Jessica and I decided to embark on a exploratory trip to Bali just two weeks prior to us departing.  When we took off for Ubud, Bali we had no expectations of what we would find and who we would meet.  We simply wanted to see if it was even feasible to produce a women's resort wear line on the other side of the world with little to no idea of where to start looking for sewers, fabrics and everything else that goes into starting a clothing brand.   Through a friend's contact, we were able to meet our production coordinator who is now our eyes and ears on the ground in Bali. Once we found someone to help with production, we...

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