Our Road to Lost & Found

Jessica and I decided to embark on a exploratory trip to Bali just two weeks prior to us departing.  When we took off for Ubud, Bali we had no expectations of what we would find and who we would meet.  We simply wanted to see if it was even feasible to produce a women's resort wear line on the other side of the world with little to no idea of where to start looking for sewers, fabrics and everything else that goes into starting a clothing brand.  
Through a friend's contact, we were able to meet our production coordinator who is now our eyes and ears on the ground in Bali. Once we found someone to help with production, we then needed to source the fabrics.  We had a vision of what we wanted the line to look like and feel like however where we were going to find these fabrics was unbeknownst to us.
While traveling around Ubud, we saw a fabric that we loved but had no idea who made these beautiful hand woven cottons and where to find them.  It was like the children's book "Are You My Mother?" asking anyone and everyone if they knew where we could find the artisan behind these beautiful cotton, hand-dyed fabrications.  Along our journey someone told us about this man with a dye house in the middle of the jungle outside of Ubud who used natural plant dyes to create his masterpieces.  Jessica and I jumped in a car one hot afternoon and headed in the direction of the dye house however we had no actual street name and there were no street signs.  After about an hour of driving, we ventured down a few side roads off of the main drag in the area we were told to go.  Finally after a long, bumpy ride down a dirt road we came to a little house with a magical, outdoor dye workshop just behind it.  We had found our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so to speak - it was in fact the home of these amazing fabrics. We toured the property looking at all of the plants, the fermenting process and the wooden looms used to sew the yarns into fabrics after they had been properly dyed. We were like kids in a candy shop and knew that we could now start creating our vision....
Xx Jenny