It was important to Jess and me that every piece we create be named after a special place we traveled to that embodies the ethos of the brand.   One of my favorite stories is the one behind our Tulum Poncho.  It was December 29th, 2015 and I had traveled to Tulum with a girlfriend for a week of relaxation and re-invigoration.  A little bit of bike riding, paddle boarding, yoga and of course beach bumming. 

My friend and I made our way to the beach early one afternoon and set up camp on the sand.  It was not a remote beach by any means but also not over crowded with tons of people.  We had been laying there for a good thirty minutes when we rolled over to tan our other side and Jessica and I made eye contact.  At this point, Jess and I had known each other for 9 years however would lose touch here and there but always find each other again and reconnect.  Out of all of our random run-ins though, this was the wildest.  Who would have thought we would find each other laying side by side on the beach in Tulum?!  Certainly not me.  It was such a fun surprise as we then had the opportunity to ring in 2016 together.  Little did either one of us know, that 9 months later we would be starting our company together!

Xx Jenny