-J.R.R. Tolkein

We launched Lost & Found By J Friedman in 2017 because we shared a vision for a simple, comfortable and highly wearable line inspired by the amazing pieces we've picked up in some of the most enchanting yet understated beach destinations in the world. To us, these are the ultimate places to enable you to both lose and find yourself. We created the line on a trip we took together to Bali and that magical island still serves as our ultimate inspiration for the brand. Through our collaboration with local Balinese artisans, the collection is now also produced with love in Bali, Indonesia.

We named our line Lost & Found By J Friedman because after first meeting and sharing our first beach adventure together, we lost touch yet continued to find one another serendipitously in different places over the next ten years.  As friends who share both a first initial and last name, and whose lives have been brought together time and again (whether on a random NYC street corner, an out of the way Montauk bar or on a remote beach in Tulum), we knew the time was finally right for us to create something inspired by our travels. We are driven by the belief that life is precious and it's our goal to build a brand that truly blurs the boundaries between "real life" and "time off".

Lost & Found By J Friedman offers an authentic global, laid-back sensibility and appeals to all those who value the essence of a beach-inspired life. Season to season the collection will feature a core set of the essential, classic styles in new, hand-woven fabrics.  It was important to us that our line compliment all body types, which allows for the collection to be predominantly one size. We will continue to develop and add more beach-life essentials with every collection and we look forward to hearing any suggestions you may have.

So go out there and get lost...or found. Either way, we hope you enjoy wearing our line as much as we did creating it!

xo Jess and Jenny